ECE Development

Research tells us that the first six years of life are the most important. Children during these ages are able to learn many things thrown at them and will most likely never forget them for many years to come. Their brain during this time is like a sponge; they can absorb all knowledge. They learn how to crawl, walk, run, jump, talk, speak different languages, etc. All this is done in only 6 years which I find phenomenal. This page is all about expectations from different age groups concerning their development. I found all this information from the book Creating Readers by Pam Schiller.

Birth to Three-Year Old Accomplishments

  • Recognizes specific books by cover
  • Pretends to read books
  • Understands that books are handled in particular ways
  • Enters into a book-sharing routine with primary caregivers
  • Demonstrates enjoyment of rhyming language and nonsense words
  • Labels objects in books
  • Listens to stories
  • Requests adult to read or write
  • Begins to show attention to specific print, such as letters in names
  • Uses increasingly purposeful scribbling
  • Begins to distinguish between drawing and writing
  • Produces some letter-like forms and scribbles with some features of writing

Three- to Four-Year-Old Accomplishments

  • Knows that alphabet letters are a special category of visual graphics that can be individually names
  • Recognizes print in the local environment
  • Understands that different text forms are used for different functions of print (eg. a grocery list is different from a menu).
  • Recognizes separable and repeating sounds in language
  • Uses new vocabulary and grammatical constructions in her/his own speech
  • Understands and follows oral directions
  • Is sensitive to some sequences of events in stories
  • Shows an interest in books and reading
  • When being read a story, connects information and events to real-life experiences
  • Demonstrates understanding of literal meaning of a story being told. Uses appropriate questions and comments
  • Displays reading and writing attempts
  • Identifies some alphabet letters, especially those from own name
  • Writes (scribbles) messages as part of playful activity
  • Recognizes beginning and rhyming sounds in familiar words

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