Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Teachers' Day!!!


October 5th is World Teachers' Day! I just want to thank all teachers out there who make a positive difference in every child's life. Teachers are probably one of the most under appreciated people of all the time all around the world.  And please remember that anyone that has taught us anything is a teacher. Whether it be parents, family, friends, co-workers, etc. So thank you, thank you, thank you to all!!

Here are a few pictures that help teachers feel better about what they do. Enjoy!!!





Recognizing Alphabets - Matching Centre

I have been trying to put out different activities every other day in the literacy centre. Here is an alphabet centre that was donated to me by a teacher (I hit a jackpot with it because it was free!!!) If you are unable to buy it, I think it is super easy to create it as well (take a large bristol board, add pocket cards, label them with letters, cut out letters small enough to fit into the pockets and you are done!)

I only put out letters for now in a basket. As the weeks go by, there are picture cards with the whole word. The first letter is highlighted so they may match it and put it in the right pocket.

I put this centre on a round table. It is easier for more children to participate at one time rather than up on the wall or board. 

Here are my kids working away! I did not even model this activity to them. They all knew what was expected which is super easy!

What are the children learning?

  • communication and social skills as they use this centre with other children and learn to take turns
  • sorting skills as they take the letters and sort them accordingly
  • matching skills as they match the letters accordingly
  • hand-eye coordination as they use their eyes to match the letters and use their hands to insert them into the pockets
  • literacy skills as they recognize their letters (both upper and lower case)
  • math skills if they are counting how many letters are in the alphabet
  • observation skills as they figure out the differences between upper and lower case letters
  • gross motor (large muscles) as they use their hand to insert the letters and insert them into the pockets

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Recognizing Alphabets - Media-Enriched Activity

One of the easiest and realistic ways for children to begin recognizing letters is to use media around them. This is such an easy activity where children can learn their letters. All you need is newspapers/flyers and yellow marker/highlighters. 

I wrote down the letter that we are working on. I also send this activity as an at-home activity. It is easy for parents since they don't have to purchase anything to work with their children.

The goal is to highlight every S you see in the flyer or newspaper. If you don't have highlighters or markers, use pencil or pen to circle. And there you have another activity for learning alphabets! Choose a different letter each week and you have a centre ready!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Practicing Alphabets - Quick Activity

Here is a very quick letter activity I came up with. I was using the die cutter to cut out alphabets and I noticed there was a lot of paper left for recycling which I didn't feel comfortable recycling. So I decided to use it for learning letters. 

We are doing the letter S for the week. So I only used the letter S.
I put out paper, markers and crayons. You also choose to use paint. Finger painting would be fantastic for tiny fingers!

Here are my kids doing the activity. I allow them to start from the top or bottom. Whatever helps them make the S.
Here is the finished product. It was their first time but we are getting the point!

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