Monday, May 14, 2012

Fruit Smoothie Recipe

I came home today feeling really hot because of the weather. I wanted to cool down and I thought of making myself a smoothie. I LOVE my fruit smoothies. They are healthy, quick to make and a fun way to cool off. 

I also have made smoothies for kids at school. They have helped me with making them too. The kids love to make something and then later enjoy it. Here is how I make mine:

What you need:

Frozen or Fresh Fruit.
I like to use frozen because it turns out colder
and I don't need to use ice for it.
You can choose any fruit. I like
to use mixed berries or tropical fruits
(like mango, melon, cantaloupe).

Frozen Yogurt.
You can get plain one or a flavoured 
one. I like to use flavoured 
to bring out the fruity taste.

The best kind of juice to use is
orange, pineapple or cranberry.

You also need a blender and a scoop.


Put in your choice of fruit into
the blender. Add enough juice
so that the fruit is all covered.

If it is not blending well, add more juice.

Add 4-5 scoops of frozen yogurt
into the mixture. Blend.

You may have to stop after a while and blend again
with more juice. If you like yours a bit thick, like me,
don't add too much juice.


My recipe does not have a specific number of servings. If I want to make lots, I add lots of fruit, juice and frozen yogurt.

This recipe can be made in the classroom with children. Make sure they are doing it with your help. It involves science, math, language, health and the most important subject: FUN!


  1. I love my fruit smoothies too. They are a delicious treat that you can have everyday because they are so healthy. I like the idea of making them with children. I think the day is coming when we will have to take over lunch - serving via the cafeteria - because many children eat so poorly.

  2. Thanks for suggesting to involve the kids, I shall do this the next time we have play dates :)

    1. They are so much fun! The kids love being able to choose the fruits to put in. If they are old enough, I even let them put the buttons on the blender while I keep my hand on the lid!

    2. add to this, kids would love these smoothies poured into popsicle molds, stuck with popsicle sticks, frozen and then enjoyed as a cold summer frozen yogurt treat!

    3. I love that idea Penny! Will be doing one of those and posting pictures too ! Thanks.

    4. I think popsicle-smoothies are a great idea. Next time I make some I may pour the leftovers into a popsicle mold. Less waste and it will be delicious later on.


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