Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - Food for Thought

Mother's Day is one of those days that moms really look forward to. Each day we take our moms for granted for all they have done. I try to tell my mom everyday that I love her but I am sure there are many days that go by where I forget (an unacceptable excuse). I love my mom to pieces and thank her for everything that she has done in her life for her family. Love you, Mom!

Many people have forgotten the point of Mother's Day. They always look at the product instead of the process of giving something. Mothers always like things that children take time making themselves. They don't care for materialistic things. My mom loved all the little cards my brother made for her when he was young. We still have some stuck on our fridge to this day (he is now 19). 

One time I was doing an activity with children and their parents and one adult (caregiver of a child) was not happy with the activity. We were decorating picture frames and jewelry boxes for moms. Some jewels were falling off and the parent was unhappy with the end result. I really want people to stop and think about this activity.

Who is this activity for: Mom
When to give it: Mother's Day
What skills are required: Fine motor skills (small finger muscles to use paint, glue, and small jewels to decorate).

Activities like these are not to focus on what to give their mom. These activities have an emotional focus: TO DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Is this not what life is about? To appreciate others for their work, to thank them for all they have done, to acknowledge the person for who they are and what they have done for you. It is a time for thanks. It's sort of like Thanksgiving. You are thankful for everything in your life. It doesn't mean let's cook turkey and fill our tummies until we cannot move. 

People have forgotten the point of special occasions and I don't feel that it is okay. Yes, we should be thankful everyday for these things. However, these days were created for a reason. To celebrate something we take for granted. So why are we taking these days for granted as well? It is food for thought!

Best things to give moms are things she WANTS and not NEEDS. Things that are meaningful and have a purpose. Things that show your love and affection for her. Handmade things are absolutely fabulous. I made jewelry boxes for my mom and my grandmothers and they were SO happy. Yes, some jewels fell off but they all have those boxes beautifully set in their rooms and I see them smiling at them when they think no one is looking. The box itself means nothing; the idea and thought of the gift, though, is a reminder that they are loved and appreciated. That is the beauty of doing something nice for someone else. 

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