Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bulletin Board - Diving Into Kindergarten

A new school year begins in a few days! I have left my old school and moved to a newer one. And by the looks of it, it seems absolutely fantastic! The administration is wonderful, my team is great, and my ECE partner is amazing! I went in everyday last week to clean and set-up my classroom. I will be doing another post on my set-up for this year. But I spent around an hour making the bulletin board and putting it together before the first day of school begins. I am teaching Kindergarten again this year and this is what the board looks like. And yes, the fish are 3-D!!!


  1. I love it! THe 3D fish are cool! This is so welcoming....

  2. Thanks! Because of the 3-D fish, it took me a while to put together but it sure is worth it. I'll keep it up for a few weeks!


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